Our Achievements


  • Kings Financial Capital Financial Achievement  :
  • 2007 –Institute Corporate Finance Margin Funding (IPOs) Transacted in UAE ,Dubai funding exposure volume USD One Billion.
  • 2010 –Corporate Project Finance against Bank Guarantee Instrument funding transacted in Saudi Arabia ,Mecca exposure volumeUSD 1.22 Billion.
  • 2012 –Trade Corporate Finance Transacted in UAE,Dubai link with with Goverment Entity based in North Africa funding exposure volumeUSD 435 Million.
  • 2014 –Syndication Corporate Finance Transacted in UAE, Dubai funding exposure volume USD 400 Million. 
  • 2016 –Structure Commodity  Trade Finance Transacted in UAE ,Dubai link to semi Goverment Entity based in Abudhabi funding exposure volume USD 250 Million.
  • 2018-Syndicated corporate finance transacted with international banks in UAE ,Dubai against Sovergian Bank Guarantee and Oil Backed Salas Purchase Agreement montization funding exposure volume USD 3 Billion.
  • 2019-Manging wealth&Asset Management portfolio (AUM) as volume of USD 400 Million.
  • Note:All Funding sources from international banks and reputable financial institutions

Other Financial services available:

Structure Corporate Audit Report & Financial Budgeting . Facilitate as provider all type of International Insurance such as Financial Insurance ,Corporate Insurance and Commercial and Trade Insurance . Facilitate all CRYPTOCURRENCY& CFD Market Services from appropriate financial chaneel list of:

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