Our Management

Our Management

Dr.Abdulaziz Mohamed AlHamad

Dr.Abdulaziz AlHamad is seasoned banking professional and financial expert with strong experience in banking across Middle East region for 20 years ,where he combined a strong commercial focus with result -oriented approach .

Having worked in leadership roles based in Dubai and Mena Region ,Dr Abdulaziz career include dynamics and diverse opportunity .He has been responsible for directly overseeing finance operation across multiple global geographics including Europe ,the American and Asia pacific.

In his recent role in banking ,he worked on large scale financial transformation for their international &Institution banking divisions spearheading the transformation agenda by introducing a commercial lens ,discipline and governance ,as well as driving strategy to simplify and streamline the finance function .

He hold(Ph.D) Doctorate degree in Business Management from Swiss (UMF) University & (MBA) Master Business Administration in Corporate Banking &Finance From Boston University -USA

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