Global Wealth Management

Our Global Wealth Management model is centered on that of an External Asset Manager. Our business model gives us the independence

Global Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our Global Wealth Management model is centered on that of an External Asset Manager. Our business model gives us the independence to advise on multiple custodian banks in comparison to being constrained by a single set of in house solutions.

Kings Financial capital endeavors to provide the highest standard of personalized relationship management. Our advisor take the time to listen to clients and understand their requirements in detail on an individual basis so as to ascertain the right choice and mix of investment banking options. We take great pride in working side by side with our clients to understand their financial dreams and turn them into a reality.

Our model includes but is not limited to legacy planning, advisory services targeted towards individuals and corporations with investment portfolios and real estate/ business assets, managing the client’s private banking relationships with multiple custodian banks, negotiating cost effective fees across all private banking relationships, coordinating with the investment and corporate banking teams to facilitate the client’s business needs and producing consolidated investment statements thus providing clients with a holistic view of all of their private banking relationships.

Wealth Management Products

Kings Financial Capital core strategy revolves around a bespoke tailoring approach. Our teams conduct extensive research and analysis in order to identify customer segments with a particular need and then develop products and services to cater to that particular niche. We carefully craft each bespoke investment product to meet the risk/ reward appetite of every client on an individual basis.


Kings Financial Capital mission and vision is to utilize unrivalled resources and innovation to advocate the creation, preservation and diversification of wealth for a limited and select group of member clients.

Kings Financial Capital provides a complete range of premium private investment banking services utilizing Wall Street and entrepreneurial expertise on an as-and-when needed basis. Each member client has unlimited access to some of the most experienced and creative minds in the industries we serve. Each of our professionals culturally embraces the role of advocate on behalf of our member clients and has proven repeatedly that there is a difference in the quality of investment bankers and the results they can deliver. Membership has its benefits, and in this case, it’s optimizing the wealth of our member clients.

Many investment banking firms offer professionals whose perspective on any engagement is limited to their background and experience primarily as bankers – a financial perspective singularly focused on a specific transaction.

Joint ventures marry money to knowledge and opportunity and clearly define what both parties will receive at the
outcome of the project. In a typical joint venture, the lender will receive a percentage of ownership in the project on top of collecting the interest rate on the loan.

The joint venture’s entrepreneur will also receive a percentage of ownership in the project and often receives compensation for his or her time for the role they play (general contractor, etc.). Traditionally, the investor is paid back in full, plus interest, before the entrepreneur receives any monetary compensation.

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